Holy Spirit Hospital

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Holy Spirit Hospital

Holy Spirit Hospital is a well-recognized medical facility in Makeni City, Bombali District, Northern Region of Sierra Leone. Starting initially in 2002 as a small clinic established by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Makeni in collaboration with the Albano Diocese of Italy, it now boasts Admission Wards with 100 beds, Theatre, Laboratory, Ultrasound, X-ray and Pharmacy units.

In a country where there is an average of 4 qualified doctors for every 100,000 people, Holy Spirit Hospital offers the population of Makeni and the surrounding district 4 fully qualified and experienced doctors of medicine, backed up by 60 nursing and supporting staff who treat 300 in-patients and 12,000 out-patients per month.

The hospital welcomes many visitors each year, including many qualified volunteers, who come to offer mostly free surgeries to patients who could otherwise not afford the care.

Hospital front

Hospital corridor
Why Holy Spirit Hospital services are so vital:

• Sierra Leone, particularly in the northern country district, was severely damaged by the 11 years civil war that ended in 2002, leaving the local population with virtually no health care provision.
• The subsequent years have been notable for comprehensive peace building efforts and for significant achievements in re-establishing community facilities.
• Despite these efforts, the economic situation – especially in the northern country district – remains extremely challenging, aggravated by the high incidence of malaria, hepatitis B and HIV.
• The recent Ebola epidemic has had an enormous impact on the hospital, and it is still recovering.
• UN statistics for the country as a whole show population health indices to be amongst the lowest in the world.

Within this context, the hospital strives to meet the special needs of the local community, with a focus on:
• Tropical Medicine
• HIV/AIDS – Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing, and treatment using anti-retroviral drugs
• Microsurgery, sponsored by Resurge Africa.
• Maternity services in our new unit
The patients

The staff