Holy Spirit Hospital

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Current services at HSH.

Outpatient, echo, radiology, and Lab Opening times
Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm, & Saturday 8am to 2pm

Inpatient services open 24hrs including Maternity

Trauma unit functional 24hrs

Pharmacy services available 24hrs

Diabetes clinic open every Wednesday
Services normally offered include:

•   Internal medicine
•   Surgery:
       -   General surgery
       -   Micro-surgery for deformities of upper extremities
       -   Reconstructive plastic surgery
•   Paediatrics
•   Obstetrics & Gynaecology
•   Diagnostics:
       -   Radiography (X-rays)
       -   Ultrasonography
       -   Electro-cardiography (ECG/ cardiac monitoring)
•   Laboratory:
       -   Haematology
       -   Biochemistry
       -   Immunology - diagnosis of haemorhagic fevers, hepatitis viruses, and HIV. The Immunology lab was opened as a response to the ebola outbreak in the country 2014-2015.
•   Pharmacy
       -   All major categories of drugs available
•   In-patient wards
       -   Men's ward: 35 beds
       -   Women's ward: 35 beds
       -   Private single-bed wards: 3 beds
       -   Micro-surgical wing: 10 beds
       -   Maternity ward: 22 beds
       -   Neonatal unit: 4 cots
•   Out-patient diagnosis and treatment rooms
       -   3 consulting/treatment rooms
•   Mental Health Unit
•   Ambulance services
•   Guest House for visiting medical teams


The ReSurge Africa Organization

Reconstructive-plastic-surgical teams from the Scotland based Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (IRPS), renamed the ReSurge Africa Organization, make regular visits to the Holy Spirit Hospital where they perform life-changing surgeries for impoverished Sierra Leoneans while they train local medical professionals in the arts associated with their craft.

Pictured on the right, Isatu Fornah, at age one in 2005, was frightened when she first met surgeons on an assessment visit to Sierra Leone.
Isatu, at age six, showed off her new smile after having had her cleft lip repaired by a team from International Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in November, 2009

Doctors at work

Resurge Africa surgeons Dr. Martyn Webster and Dr. Aldo Ceresa examine a woman with a burnt face who required a surgery to restore her ability to breathe through her nose.
Isatu before

Isatu after
Dr. Nina Seigelstein

Dr. Nina Seigelstein (obstetrics-gynaecology) first visited the Holy Spirit Hospital in January, 2009 when she and her four person medical team surgically treated 25 women in need. Dr. Seigelstein, moved by the great need of the many women she examined, decided to raise funds to have a much needed maternity ward built as a part of the Holy Spirit Hospital. The new Maternity unit opened in September 2016.

Dr. Seigelstein is President of www.oneworldwomenshealth.org
where you can learn more about this fund raising.

Dr. Seigelstein returned to the Hospital in January, 2012 with another small team to treat 22 more women in need of major gynaecological surgeries.

Pictured on the right:
Dr. Nina Seigelstein (center) and Dr. Michael Karoly (right), with the assistance of Danielle Yoos, scrub technician, removing a large fibroid growth from a woman at the Holy Spirit Hospital in January, 2012.

Dr. Seigelstein comforting a patient who was recovering from her surgery at the Holy Spirit Hospital.
Dr Seigelstein

Dr Seigelstein