The Holy Spirit Hospital is owned and managed by the Catholic Diocese of Makeni.

Running a hospital in a poor impoverished nation is a very difficult task. Fortunately, the hospital is heavily subsidised with support from many generous sponsors, some of which are listed below.

The Diocese of Albano, Italy provided the funding for the construction of the hospital in 2005. It also continues to support the hospital with donations of medical equipment, drugs, and in some cases provides financial support.

Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation, Italy.
Acting through the Italian Foreign Ministry, the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation, Italy, provided funding for the construction of the microsurgical unit, and continues to provide technical assistance, medical equipment and drugs. More information from www.ong.dongnocchi.it

ReSurge Africa.
This charity, based in Scotland, provides technical support in the area of reconstructive plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons from the UK and Ghana perform surgical interventions on patients free of charge. They also provide medical supplies to the hospital. More information from www.resurgeafrica.com

Makeni Trust Fund.
Based in England the charity supports development projects in and around Makeni. More information from www.makenitrustfund.org.uk

Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone (CHASL)
The hospital is a registered member of the Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone.

Local congregations of religious give significant indirect support to the hospital through their charitable work with the very poor sick.
These include:

  • Xaverian Missionary Fathers,
  • Josephite Fathers,
  • St Augustinian Recollects,
  • Sisters of Charity,
  • Sisters of Cluny

Rainbow for Africa

Rainbow for Africa is a non-profit Italian medical organization whose main objective is to promote professional training of local personnel in developing countries.

Rainbow for Africa envisages a world where everyone has equal opportunity to access the best health services and quality training, a world where everyone can achieve independent development and self-determination.

Rainbow for Africa dreams of a world in which participation, sharing and mutual collaboration come together in the most colorful “rainbows”.

In Africa, the association main commitment is on the training of local health workers, ensuring the parallel professional development and the improvement of medical equipment, infrastructure and telematic tools.

InterCare UK,
a UK based NGO, has been very supportive to the hospital with donation of drugs and medical supplies over the years. A 20ft container of assorted medical supplies was donated in July, 2019 to support the operations of the hospital and other clinics earmarked by the charity.

Help Madina UK,

a UK based charitable organisation, and in collaboration with the Holy Spirit Hospital has been supporting the Madina Clinic, Kambia District, Sierra Leone in both financial and logistical support.
Through Help Madina Project, Dr. Rohit and Dr. Veronica (co-founders) have established and are supporting the only Diabetes Clinic in the country with continuous supply of insulins and Glucometers to patients free of charge.

Individual contributors to the hospital include:

Tom Johnson, New Jersey, USA
In January, 2003 Tom Johnson had his friend, the late Ahmed Tarawalie, broughtg ten men suffering with hernias to Dr. Patrick Turay, who surgically treated them by leasing the Makeni Government Hospital, the only surgical theatre available in the area at that time. The patients were then brought to recover in a house provided by the Catholic Diocese of Makeni. Tom returned to the United States where he obtained funding from his own church to cover the costs of the ten surgeries. This initial exercise has grown steadily ever since. To date, more than 300 men, boys, and even several women have had their hernias repaired by teams led by Dr. Turay. These general surgeries are now being done at the Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni.Dr Johnson continues to sponsor patients needing surgical care out in Ghana, which is otherwise not available within the country.

Dr Nina Seigelstein, New Jersey, USA
Has offered her services voluntarily as an Obstetrics & Gynaecology surgeon in 2007, 2009, 2012, and 2018, and regularly provides medical supplies. She is President of One World Women’s Health who have raised the funds to construct the much needed Maternity Wing which opened in September 2016.

Allan Burns, UK
As head of the charity ReSurge Africa, he has provided medical supplies and organised teams of plastic surgeons to come and work at Holy Spirit Hospital.

Dr Martyn Webster, UK
Through ReSurge Africa Dr Webster offered his services voluntarily for reconstructive plastic surgery in November 2009, coordinating a team of plastic surgeons at Holy Spirit Hospital.

The magnificent support which the hospital receives, some of which is described on this page, is greatly appreciated, and more of this kind will always be welcomed. In addition Holy Spirit Hospital would particularly benefit from:

    • Major funding developments such as additional admission wards
    • More arranged visits by supporting medical teams
    • Visits by specialists to assist with staff training
    • Sponsors of staff training scholarships
    • Ongoing support for the provision of drugs


Please contact us if you can help.


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